I'm so freakin' excited you're here.

I have played many roles, I have done many things, and I have built up many skills in the doing:

  • entrepreneur
  • librarian
  • manager
  • public relations professional
  • administrative assistant
  • (oh, and I was a bodybuilder/fitness competitor, too).


  • an insatiable need for constant learning & doing
  • a knack for details & an obsession with organization
  • a background in research & writing
  • experience taking a product-based online business from idea to inception

Combine all this with…

  • discipline
  • a natural ability (& loads of experience) working with people
  • enthusiasm that’ll knock your socks off
  • a get sh*t done attitude

and you’ve got me… here and ready to kick some business @ss with you!!

“I’ve followed many paths and moved through several careers, always taking on new challenges, starting at the bottom and rising to the top, collecting skills, gathering knowledge, and honing expertise along the way in my 25+ years as a professional.

I work with people, I work with systems, I work with words. I learn fast, I work fast, I move fast. And I can’t wait to put this all into play to serve you, your business, and your mission.”